About US

Funding nexus is your agent to finds the best funding solution for your business. Our starting point and end goal are only your business’s funding need. Our aim and drive is helping your business grow by finding the funding it needs. At first, we seek to understand your business, its model, its funding approvals, any existing denials, and will then match you up with the funding products which will work the best for you

This sets us apart from the world of banks and loan providers, all of whom for which the starting point and goal is their product, and they then work from there to find business they will be able to sell their product to. To them, if your business doesn’t match their pre-conceived model, you are irrelevant. To us, it is irrelevant what your business model, financials, or industry is.

The only thing relevant to us is you. We work from your needs and situation to find the funding most appropriate to your business. You don’t need to worry about the intricacies of different financial products as we will guide you towards the best results with your business in mind.