Short term working capital Line of Credit, Secured by inventory or receivables.

From banks, with competitive bankable rates (single digit)

Longer Term Loans (up to 60 months) Secured by receivables and based on company cash flow.

You pay a fixed amount or interest only

Please note that loan terms and standards including the need for personal guarantee & blanket UCC may vary depending on the Lender we will be working with.

SBA loan or line of credit backed by SBA for business with collateral shortfall for small business, for slightly higher rates than conventional loans or LOC.

10 year term.

Line of Credit from Bank with no collateral, based on owners credit and sales amounts.

Rates are in high single digits.

Line of Credit or Loan from alternative lenders, for businesses with issues getting regular loans.

Based on business account activity with very quick funding time.

Get paid immediately based on your invoices by selling your receivables at a slightly reduced rate.

Access cash for your merchandise even before it gets sold.

Funding backed by owner occupied real estate.

Fund new equipment with term loan up to 60 months