CPA - Partner with Us

Increase your Efficiency

Free up your valuable resources to focus on core competencies. By having Funding Nexus experts research funding products for your clients, you open up time and resources to focus on what you do best. Funding Nexus handles the entire time-consuming and continuous day-to-day management of the funding process, taking all the headache off your back.

Increase your client satisfaction

Funding Nexus will accompany your clients through every step of the process. We explain to them every detail and we pay attention to their concerns. This results in happy clients that understand and are comfortable with the solutions they seek. 

Innovative Solutions

For those non-traditional and seemingly impossible clients where the regular cookie cutter funding options fail, Funding Nexus will have out of the box solutions. This includes add-on facilities on existing financing. 

Information and Guidance

We work directly with you to understand the options in organizing your client’s financials as it relates to enabling their loan eligibility etc.

Revenue Sharing

We share the fees earned on our services with our valued CPA partners. Thus, allowing our partners to earn a substantial amount of income without on your client portfolio without adding to your regular billing.